Are you too busy or understaffed to plan, create, execute, and track your marketing strategy? Do you feel lost and confused about where to begin?

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ASTEK Marketing Group: We are a leading marketing agency that delivers comprehensive marketing solutions for our clients.

ASTEK serves companies nationwide with strategic planning, implementation and telemarketing for all aspects of their marketing engine.

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Total Care

This is the most comprehensive and personalized service level that ASTEK Marketing Group offers. It includes all aspects of marketing strategy, planning, implementation, and evaluation. ASTEK Marketing Group will work closely with you to understand your goals, target market, and budget, and design a customized marketing campaign that suits your needs. You will also receive regular reports, feedback, and recommendations on how to improve your marketing performance. Total Care is ideal for businesses that want to outsource their entire marketing function to a trusted and experienced partner.

On Demand Care

This is a flexible and convenient service level that allows you to access ASTEK Marketing Group’s expertise and resources whenever you need them. You can choose from a variety of marketing services, such as telemarketing, email marketing, direct mail, social media, web design, and more, and pay only for what you use. On Demand Care is ideal for businesses that have occasional or seasonal marketing needs, or that want to supplement their existing marketing efforts with additional support.


This is an educational and empowering service level that helps you and your staff develop the skills and knowledge to manage your own marketing campaigns. ASTEK Marketing Group will provide you with training sessions, marketing strategy, customer service, lead generation, sales conversion, and more. You will also receive access to ASTEK Marketing Group’s online library of marketing resources, tools, and templates (Do It Yourself tools). Training is ideal for businesses that want to build their internal marketing capacity and confidence.

Do It Yourself

This is a self-service and cost-effective service level that gives you the freedom and control to create and execute your own marketing campaigns. You will have access to ASTEK Marketing Group’s tools and templates to design, launch, and monitor your marketing activities. You will also have the option to consult with ASTEK Marketing Group’s experts for guidance and advice. Do It Yourself is ideal for businesses that have a limited budget, or that prefer to handle their own marketing tasks.


This is a service level that helps you boost your marketing performance and achieve your business objectives. We will provide you with business and marketing consulting, which includes a thorough analysis of your current business and marketing condition, as well as your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You will also receive a detailed report and action plan that outlines the best practices and strategies for your business and marketing goals. Additionally, you will get continuous support and coaching from ASTEK Marketing Group’s consultants, who will assist you in executing the plan and overcoming any challenges. Consulting is ideal for businesses that want to improve their Business Operations, marketing strategy and get results.

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"My first thought is 'amazing'..."

I have been working with Jennifer and the team at ASTEK Marketing for the past year, my first thought is 'amazing'. Marketing is one of the most important components to the growth of a successful MSP. I have tried on several occasions to do things "myself" but it was never 100%. I know with Jennifer and her team the work will get done correctly and on time with the attention to detail that is necessary for a successful program. They literally walk your campaign through the process from start to finish. I've finally figured out what works so I am sticking with it. I recommend Jennifer and ASTEK highly and will continue to use them as we grow our business.

Peter Verlezza Managing Partner
SMB Networks, LLC